About Us
Klint Kettell Interiors is the studio of Klint Kettell, who specializes in exceptional residential design. He applies his talent and experience to projects of every scope, delighting clients since 1984. Kettell's design hallmarks are dramatic lighting, custom furniture, sophisticated color, and elegant texture.

Here at Klint Kettell Interiors, we work from the belief that every design project is as unique as the client and that successful projects are the fruit of productive client-designer collaboration. Within every design vision, we incorporate clients' tastes, work to their needs, and honor the architectural style of their property.

Whether you are building, remodeling, or seeking to freshen up your home Klint Kettell Interiors can provide you with excellent design, exacting workmanship, and exciting results. As a client you can expect attention to detail, streamlined choices, and a level of personal service that exceeds most expectations. You set the scope of the project, choose your level of involvement, and define our role—from consultant to full-service design contractor.

We consult on new interiors, interior re-styling, color schemes, room arrangement, lighting, furnishing purchases and custom design. To learn more about our work or to schedule an appointment please send us an email..

Professional Interior Designers Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Orland, Red Bluff, Chester, and Marysville.

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