Onyx Powder Room
This exquisite powder room showcases a wall of onyx and a floating counter of the same incredible stone. A sophisticated invisible steel and Plexiglas super structure designed by Klint Kettell supports the fragile onyx which is lighted from the underside causing the onyx to glow. A cast oval solid bronze vessel sink with bronze wall faucet highlighted by halogen recessed lighting completes the stunning look.

Two large bronze wall sconces, one at either end of the counter feature three tortoise shell mosaic lamp shades which reflect off the polished onyx wall and interplay with the matching colors of the stone.

The wall directly across from the onyx wall has a dome topped recessed art niche with the same onyx used for the back and bottom ledge. A large full length mirror framed in a triple molding frame of hammered bronze and center copper accent provides function and rich elegance. All walls and ceilings were faux painted in metallics of two shades of bronze with gold and silver highlights.

This shot of the onyx powder room now shows the ballooned silk draperies with large tassel tie back and matching smaller key tassel. A set of matching onyx bowls now set atop the counter providing soap storage and venue for a floating flower bud. At the bottom of the photograph the enclosure created to hide all of the pluming from visibility while still allowing access to it can be seen.

As you can see in this photo; the onyx in the powder room art niche reflects the tortoise shell mosaic lamp globes of the wall sconce.

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