Custom Floor Design
Library balcony stone work field is 2” x 2” tumbled marble with matching 4” x 4” tiles used as a baseboard boarder. Inlayed in the custom floor design is a marble mosaic medallion featuring an intertwined double snake motif bordered in green marble. This medallion continues the design theme of the actual library which featured a vivarium for a boa constrictor.

Detail shot of library balcony marble mosaic medallion of intertwined snakes, green marble frames mosaic.

This library balcony not only expands upon the design theme of the library, but the elements play off each other the intertwined snake marble mosaic medallion inset into the marble tile floor has a playful interaction with the spiral staircase that leads to the marble tiles rooftop deck and garden.

The up/down light dramatically washes the wall in light while performing function for the staircase use. Small bronze (which match the staircase) in wall louvered lights provide indirect perimeter lighting.

Along the top of the home three dimensional architectural detail was added and then the stone inlay was set within utilizing the tumbled 2” x 2” marble tile used on the outside decks and patios then interspersed with half inch Bordeaux marble mosaic in four inch squares creating a fitting regal crown for this stunning one of a kind home.

This custom designed and cut marble stone medallion is one of two of this design used in the home. The second used outside the glass and iron front door along with the foyer colored boarders for singularity of feeling throughout the entire entry process.

The colors of marble chosen for use in the medallion matched the stones being used in this area of the home, and provided a complete visual continuality. The red “Rojo Alicante” was used in the foyer, and “Emperador Dark” a boarded enclosing a herringbone pattern in the adjacent library.

The home featured many stepped landings, three of which are shown in this photograph some with curved faces; all of the steps were fabricated from slab marble with double thick bull nosed edges. The bases of two solid marble columns can be seen also. The marble columns were utilized throughout the home’s interior and exterior, and were imported from Italy.

This one of a kind “stone rug” graces the main passage of the master bathroom at the end of the centralized Jacuzzi tub; the stones utilized in this rug were used throughout the master suite. Hand woven wool rugs made in matching color and design flank either side of the tub. This room, as well as all rooms with stone floors in the home have custom made slab marble baseboard, the design of which matches exactly the solid wood stained baseboards in the rooms with hardwood flooring and the painted base design in carpeted areas.

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