Custom Stained Glass Windows
This handmade solid black walnut craftsman door is surrounded by an orchard motif leaded stained glass windows. Within the window is a dragonfly with wings of iridescent glass that change in color as you move past it, (this is a product from techniques that were learned in the space program, the glass is created in a vacuum environment). A bronze dragonfly door bell set to the left of the door, (shown in deatail to the left) atop cedar shingles which cover the two story house, pool house, garage and in-law unit.

The orchard and dragonfly motif were chosen due to the homes location within and orchard and from the fact that dragonflies are very prevalent on the property. The dragonflies are carried over onto the solid cherry staircase and banister railings. handmade copper dragonflies were sandwiched between a mica like product and then cut to individual squares with the dragonflies at an upward angle, a single square was placed within the balustrades at each step and the spacing repeated along the railings of the upper story bridge that transverse the grand entry which was the depth of the home and twelve feet wide.

Cherry wood cabinetry runs the full width of this craftsman homes dining room the display side cabinets and upper bridge cabinets all have a flowing orchard design leaded stained glass windows the stained glass pattern evens turns the corner into the serving area. The countertop is granite, for hot surfaces. The artwork is by an artist specializing in craftsman style art. The imagery features trees, birds, bees and a dragonfly.

Not shown is a custom handmade “Green and Green” style chandelier that continues the almond blossom design in the side panels.

Inside shot of craftsman black walnut door with orchard motif which incorporates both a dragonfly and magpie, (seen in detail above) as both creatures are seen in large numbers on this homes property.

Craftsman cherry dining room cabinet with stained glass - detail shot.