Custom Staircase Design
The idea for this staircase designed by Klint Kettell interiors was the texture used for the homes walls they were done in hand applied swirl patterns throughout the home. Then the private rooms were applied with an “imperfect smooth” texture over the top.

This staircase design only utilizes vertical supports at the point of wall attachment. Because the staircase is a semi-circle and every piece of metal is curved in two directions or as in the railing case twisted the fabrication of this work of art was intense. it started with the embedding of steel posts into the staircases wooden structure the slab steps end cap decoration and the baseboard done in four inch fascist’s to accommodate the semi-circle and still carved to match the pattern of all the baseboard throughout the home were installed while the metal work was being fabricated.

To fabricate the metal work we had to produce life size printouts of the staircase from the original scale drawings, these where then meticulously scrutinized against the actual structure and hand corrections made to the drawings where variances were found. These life sizes drawings were then used for the cutting of the actual tubing the tubing then bent in one direction to match the drawings. One of our specifications was that the finished product, not shown, any of the welding, so the four sides of each end of each tubing had to be ground to allow for a “well” to hold the weld. Once it was tack welded together flat over the drawing, there were two main sections of the staircase: the mezzanine railing and the complete stair unit. The stair unit had to be rolled to put the semi-circle shape to it; this had to be exact to match the angle and shape of the curve. This cracked or broke the majority of the tack welds; they were ground re-welded with finish welds and then ground flat. The units were trucked to the jobsite and a team of eight metal workers installed the total of six sections that made up the staircase and railings attaching them to the embedded steel posts.

The slight error anywhere along the way and the staircase would either not fit the space or not lineup with the other section, all partiers were relieves when the units fell into place as the connection was nearly effortless.

The staircase had to be finished in place because of the onsite welding requirements. Faux finishers painstakingly painted and applied the rubbed antique finish of gold and bronze to the structure. This matched the finish on the double iron and glass entry doors.

The curved end detail that curves back and around itself in this staircase can be seen in this photograph as well as the graceful blending of the curves from two directions to create a central focal point on the railing of the mezzanine above. Situated at the base of the semi-circle staircase an “eye” shaped raised platform with adjustable up lighting was installed; it is covered in slab marble. The display area was made for a cast bronze contemporary water feature where the water cascades down the side of the undulating feature. Creating a “must touch living piece of art” as the staircase is traversed.

The accent tile off the entry is visible at the base of the staircase. A recessed art niche can be seen in the right-hand wall under the stars, it has slab marble back and ledge. The left-hand wall showcases a double sided gas fireplace than is enjoyed from both the entry and the dining room on the opposite side. Both sides are clad in dome toped marble slab. Then dining rooms accent boarder tile can be seen on the far left surrounding the herringbone field.

This down shot shows the blending of the staircase with the mezzanine railing and the two directional patterns created on the upper railing. the mezzanine is” wing” shaped which inspired the use of this tile pattern design, as you walk it feels as though the floor is it is moving with you the large double iron and glass door can be seen below however the domed top is not shown.