Custom Home Bar
This photograph is of the homes entertainment center bar back wall, showing a foothill scene with rock formations and oak trees in a hand hammered copper relief, as seen outside the homes windows. Custom designed and drawn by Klint Kettell Interiors and then artisan made specifically for this spectacular 7200 sq. ft. residence. The copper relief this is flanked with turned mahogany columns that have a grape cluster & vine relief design. The mahogany cabinets have art glass cabinet doors above with recessed display lighting; warm task counter lighting illuminates the granite countertops and backsplash. The faux finished ceiling above is lighter in shade than the surrounding walls.

Bar features not shown:

Hammered copper bar sink with antique copper faucet, under counter cold storage, ice maker and chilled wine storage units (in addition to the bar accessible wine cellar). In wall, 5” x 7” touch sensitive display which shows security cameras views and access control ability for the gates; it also allows the ability to control the whole house a/v system selections for that area of the home. other rooms have their own controls for individual listing of different sources and styles in each room and they have the ability to show jewel case cover art for the music being listened to in that area.

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