This exterior shot show a custom blended stucco color we formulated. Arched architectural detail faux finished completing the look of stone was added around the exterior of this mansion. Stone balustrades with custom arched bottom and top cap adorn the semi circle second level balcony. all of the exterior balconies, patios, and the entire pool complex area were tiled with a four inch tumbled walnut marble boarder and then pin wheeled with the tumbled walnut and a 6” tumbled gold marble that coordinated with the stucco, approximately four thousand square feet.

The main entry hanging lantern was custom made to match the “Fine Arts Lamps” wall sconces used around the parameter of the home, this was done due to the sheer size of the structure and needs based upon proportion. The actual lantern is 46” in height and required four artisans skills to complete.

Not shown is a drip irrigation was integrated into the structure as it was constructed to allow for potted plants throughout the balcony patio. In wall speaker were placed throughout the patio and controlled by the homes a/v touch screen system.

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