Art & Music
The music room flows off of the main formal living; done in subtle shades of taupe, behind is the more intimate family area with punches of salmon and shades of peach. Most of the walls were textured however the darker taupe and the hallway walls were smooth adding feeling and textural variation, this combined with the lighting for a very dramatic environment. A flying buttress intersected with the fireplace sets subconscious boundaries and defines space. It had lighting both below and above so as to be utilized for rotating displays.

The client’s passions were for art and music. The grand piano in a walnut stain was given prominence in the homes new environment as was the extensive art collection, all painstakingly archaically framed to enhance each piece specifically while allowing common elements to the collection to work as a group. The collection which surpassed the homes wall service area to display appropriately had to have a separate art storage area added so that art could be stored when not on display. The lighting system was extremely art specific utilizing museum quality bulbs for color rendition and protecting the art from UV waves. each recessed fixture was tied to its own dimmer (hidden from site) so that each light could be adjusted with a light meter to assure even lighting for each individual work of art, then the light was controlled by a lighting control system that was programmed with pre set “scenes” and the buttons appropriately labeled, examples include: dinner party, party, conversation, TV, quiet, etc. and were specifically designed for how the client lived in each and every room. This system could be controlled by the wall switches, remote controls both wireless and wired table top units as well as from a touch screen television remotes.

The artful custom cherry and walnut cabinet (shown right) was designed as the furniture piece that tied the eclectic furniture choices of the living room and music rooms together. There were rosewood oriental furniture from travels mixes with some traditional cherry wood display cases for art glass presentation and then contemporary chrome, glass and stone accent tables. The sweeping arced walnut bull nosed top lent to the contemporary aspect while paying homage to the flying buttress (above left), the walnut grill work down the center of the cabinet face duplicated the design of the bottom shelf of a rosewood sofa table and the cherry wood the remaining furniture items, a travel remembrance, an Austrian crystal vase adorns the cabinet top.

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