Interior Lighting Design
Detail shot of living room ceiling with decretive recessed lighting alcoves. These alcoves create a dramatic light sculpture on the ceiling. Recessed halogen lighting accentuate artwork, columns and creates pools on light to accentuate the art glass as well as pools of light on the floor of the eighty foot plus hallway that connects to one side of this room.

All lighting in this home is controlled by a lighting control system that has specific ”lighting scenes” for each room of the house as well as global house scenes including all outdoor lighting and garage door control.

This living room done in neutral tones of cream and shades of beige has a polished travertine boarder and fireplace. The tables iron travertine and glass continues the theme. Low furniture was used to accentuate the feeling of height in this large open room that is expanded upon by the decretive recessed lighting alcoves in the ceiling which provide a dramatic and unusual visual affect. In the outer alcoves the light intensity is dimmer than the center one drawing the eye into the room. Recessed halogen lighting illuminates the art collection. Bright and colorful art glass is highlighted by specific lighting to give punch and vibrancy to the room.