This homes library features rich mahogany cabinetry and beamed ceiling, the beams holds the majority of the room’s recessed lighting. This home features the first solid mahogany doors and windows produced by the Loewen. The ceilings beam and beamed soffit pattern is reproduced in the floor design utilizing absolute black granite for the beamed area and green marble for the field, care was taken to cut and lay the marble so that the veining pattern matched in both directions across the entire room. The absolute black was used a hearth for the fireplace and then a three inch arced carved frame created to surround the fire box and a frame from the outside of the field and frame for the inset above the fireplace utilizing a water/diamond jet cutter, the field of both again utilized the green marble.


A 36d” X 40w” X72”h Vivarium with waterfall and pond, reverse osmosis water system for misters to create rainforest environment, and computer controlled lighting to simulate twenty-four hour lighting. it was then landscaped in foliage specific for a particular species of boa constrictor and frogs. Not shown for client privacy, was a custom stone medallion created for the rooms entrance utilizing the clients initial for a double headed serpent. The stone used in the floor was utilized, and picked for its resemblance to the reptile, tiger eye stone was used for the serpents eyes the fangs done in red. This was framed in an interlinking geometric boarder of green.

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