These two fireplace surrounds were created from drawing and specifications supplied by Klint Kettell interiors. the left hand fireplace which is in the great room had to elude the weight, balance and proportion for the entire room which is mainly floor to ceiling glass (fourteen feet tall) on the two walls that flank it, and open to the entry on the opposing wall. The ceiling is then coffered two levels, with recessed lighting at the end of each coffer as it rises to sixteen feet in height. it anchors the immense great room which is part of a 100 foot long living area that encompass the great room, entry hall, dining room, kitchen and breakfast area, spread over three stepped levels and divided only by two sets of three columns that define the entry area. The fireplace itself measures nine feet in width and fourteen and one half feet in height. The fireplace was assembled by a master stone mason, once he completed the assembly my slab stone fabricator painstakingly inserted the polished slab granite into the recessed that were created in the specified design.

The column and arch design continues around the room. Columns were place on the side walls at each end and between the doors and windows, these support arched soffits above. The columns and soffits were faux painted to look like fine marble and then a rosette was applied over the top of each column in the center to the section between arches for decoration and to break up the large expanses. this dramatic architectural element meet the clients request that the homes incredible views, visible out the windows in no way be encumbered by any window coverings, which this accomplished without leaving the windows looking unfinished and undressed.

The second smaller fireplace on the left measure five and one half foot by 13 feet graced the master suite which again had a double coffered ceiling. The design for this fireplace was softened and made more personal. One of the ways was by raising the hearth to a height that it could be sat upon, the raised height also allowed for better viewing from the bed. The inset stone was the same as used as the accent in the master suite entry, master bath and utilized within a custom produce medallion that was inset into the floor of the rotundas vestibule prior to the master suites entry. The cast decorative element was applied over the stone as the final crowning touch.

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