Exterior Lighting Design
Dramatic functional exterior and landscape lighting accentuate homes architectural features and as part of the lighting control system is integrated into scenes lights that can be activated by the cars garage door opener.

This residences dramatic, while still being functional, exterior and landscape lighting takes full advantage of and accentuate the homes architectural features. In ground watertight housings add protection not only to the system and bulb but to the homeowner, strong clear lens withstand damage from following debris and being walked upon.

All of this residences exterior and landscape lighting is integrated into and are controlled by the whole house lighting control system, because of this integration these lights are not only set up to come on in specific outdoor lighting scenes but also as part of whole house lighting for entertaining or a family barbeque, etc. a particularly favorite scene of these clients is that when they push the long range garage door opener button in their cars the out of doors lighting illuminates to greet them, as well as activating lighting inside the garage, passage hallways and the kitchen thus allowing for ease of access even with full arms.

Another very useful scene is a security scene that can be activated by the nightstand table top remotes, if they hear something they simply push a button on the remote and all exterior lighting illuminates at one hundred percent brightness while only strategic interior lighting is activated dimly enough to provide passage without being able to be seen from outside onlookers.

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